Lisa is a bay-area native who wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. A born MacGyver and fixer-of-things, she took on the task of fostering her neighbor’s dog when she was a young girl.

The dog had seventeen puppies and Lisa loved and cared for them all, feeding and bathing each until they were adopted off to new homes.

The desire to help animals was instilled early and she’s gone on to foster many homeless pets, helping them find forever homes.

Utilizing her business degree to co-found Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™ was another way she could help animals get the love they deserve, while their human families are busy with work or away traveling. A decade in, it’s the best decision she ever made, and she looks forward to many more years and many more pets to meet and love.

We seek to relieve the stress and guilt that comes from leaving your pets alone and worrying they are bored or lonely. We’ll bring you peace of mind that they are getting the same attention, love, and care you would give to them. At Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™, your furry family is our family too.


Paula is one of those “animal people”, the ones who all animals adore, and who you secretly think might actually be able to talk to your pets.
Growing up on a farm meant Paula had an intimate relationship with animals from the very beginning, which included caring for and nursing injured animals back to health. Even when she found herself in a career unrelated to animals, her coworkers always called upon her to pet sit for them (and then it became friends and family of theirs, and then those people’s friends and family)… It’s safe to say she has been a go-to pet sitter all her life. So, it was a natural progression that she eventually traded in her restaurant general manager position to co-found Happy Go Lucky Pet Care™.

It’s been over a decade now that she’s been able to spend time on what she is most passionate about, making animals happy.